Optional Parts   

1) Design System
   a) Design Program for File of Plush Fabric Jacquard M/C
    b) Converter

  # How to Design?
Our innovative user-oriented engineering makes it easy to design a fabric pattern for anyone with a little bit of background in
      computer and design.  Here is how easy it is to design a fabric pattern using our machine;
       1) Design a pattern using the AutoPaint program, or scan a picture or pattern sample then load it into AutoPaint.
       2) Use AutoPaint to design or modify the pattern as you desire.
       3) When you are finished designing a pattern, copy it to a micro floppy diskette.
       4) Remove the diskette and insert it into the Converter device. This will converter the AutoPaint fill into a file format which is
           used by our Circular Knitting Machine.
       5) Finally, insert the diskette into the Circular Knitting Machine's Electronic Controller. The machine will start knitting fabric
           with the pattern you just designed.

        * Please refer to the command book for AutoPaint Program.



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