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SCM knitting / textile machine : high pile 2 This is an electronic high pile circular knitting machine which is able to produce highest quantity with the extent of 50 R.P.M for the wool similar to the fur with the combined  uses of various sliver. Number of feeding inlet (feeder) is  16, and Gauge (number of needles  per inch) could be manufactured by the requirement of the users.

FEATURE SCM knitting / textile machine : high pile 3      . Feeding head of the electronic sliver is adjustable to the steps of 1-99 and so able to
        select and knitting weight as needed.
     . Safety device of the electronic sliver could be eliminated to the minimum measure.

     . Supporting installations was made to protect the vibration of latch of needles and anticipated        safety for the high speed circulation.
     . Eliminates friction as the revolving gear of cylinder,metal and bearings are being immersed in
       the oil.
     . Installed improved oiling(Lubrication system) devices on the essential parts, so able to operate smooth knitting which
       the oil and the air will be automatically sprayed.

  CONTROLLERSCM knitting / textile machine : high pile 4      . Count (Weight : Mater : Setting Count)
     . Time (Running Time : Stopping Time)
     . Machine R.P.M.
     . Speed Control :  Soft start, Brake, Speed Frequency control
     . Err Mode :
  Sliver Detector, Yarn Detector, Needle Detector
     . Setting Mode : Weight, Meter, Yard & Count, Stepping speed Count(0~99 RPM)


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