SCM knitting / textile machine : flush fabric 2                         Click to enlarge

               ::::::: GENERAL FEATURE ::::::

. 3 Step 1 Knit Camming System ensure high quality knitting fabric and minimum needle
  wear even at high speed.
. SCM Camming System is designed to change Cam Setting easily only with a flat driver,
  according to Fabric Structures.
SCM new 3 Step 1 Knit System (Applying for a patent) is equipped with safety Cam so in
  case that needle butts are broken during   operation, the needle can be operated in a
  normal way by safety cams, a safety cams make needles down in any case that needles
  butts are broken in any position. Therefore, 3 Step 1 Knit System enable the machine to be
  operated safe at high speed. Also, loops are always cut at high position by safety cams so
  that high quality plush knitting fabric could be produced.




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