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SCM knitting / textile machine : flush fabric 3      . Healy wire race bearings for high running accuracy with lower friction and         starting torque.
     . Speed control inverter to provide uniform acceleration from start to operation        and deceleration and variable inching speed.
     . Automatic high capacity lubrication pulsonic type.

     . Positive feeding device.

     . Motor drive: 3.75Kw 3Phase 220/380V
     . Side creel type.
     . Take up device: Take-up of this M/C and excellent combination of V-belts gears and
       the take-up tension is always stabilized taking down and the knitted fabrics.

     . Max Take-Up Roll diameter 840 m/m
     . Clutch gear box: SCM Gear System like transmission of vehicle guarantee
       the machine to run well without any problem.

    . To provide a machine electrically and mechanically
    . To set up counters(Weight/Yard)
    . To show R.P.M. & Counter
    . Buttons for setting
    . Lamp for Errors : Yarn Detector, Run Stop automatically, Running position
    . Automatic Speed Control  :  Soft start, Soft stop, Easy & free Speed control


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